Weekly Magazine - 15 June 2017
# 154

May's car crash

What the UK’s shock election means for Brexit.

At ebb: European populism

In November last year our cover story ‘One down…’ asked if the EU would succumb to the “wave of anti-establishment populism sweeping the West”. A series of high-stakes votes starting in December threatened to see europhobes take power in major European capitals and follow Britain out of the door.

Is representative democracy the best political system?

Along with the rule of law and the liberalisation of trade, representative democracy is seen as the standard political system for most countries around the world. It is a half way mark between central rule and real democracy. But is it truly the best system in terms of guaranteeing the well-being of all of its citizens? Is it efficient enough? Are there better alternatives?     [...]
Week 24 - 15 June 2017
# 154
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