Weekly Magazine - 08 June 2017
# 153

Merkel's moment

As the US abdicates global responsibility, Angela Merkel is filling the void.

The only Earth

After Donald Trump announced that the US would withdraw from the Paris climate accord last week, a bad year for the environment just got worse. It was not long ago, however, when the agreement in the French capital was hailed by some as the “world’s greatest diplomatic success”. 

Has the world reached peak democracy?

The 20th century saw the explosion of democracies across the world, first as European colonialism fell and then as the Soviet Union collapsed, leaving American-led liberalism the sole hegemonic force in the world. But as US influence wanes, the next superpower, China, will be a dictatorship that shows Pax Americana is not the only way of doing business. Meanwhile, rising authoritarianism in once emerging democracies such as Russia, as well a [...]
Week 23 - 08 June 2017
# 153
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