Weekly Magazine - 01 June 2017
# 152

The robots are coming

Automation has driven up living standards, but could AI bring an economic and social storm?

A bloody start to Ramadan

For many Muslims around the world Ramadan is not just a month of fasting, but of reflection, charity and family. However, when families went to buy ice cream at the popular al-Faqma parlour in central Baghdad, a car bomb ripped through the night, killing at least 26 people and wounding dozens. Residents of the Iraqi capital often stay up late and eat out during Ramadan after a day of fasting. Islamic State (IS) militants claimed this and another bombing hours later. 

What does automation mean for the economy of tomorrow?

Across the world, algorithms, mechanisation, and various forms of artificial intelligence (AI) are shaping the decisions of employers, and changing the daily realities of employees. Just as the Industrial Revolution saw chain production specialise - and limit - workers’ activity, so has the integration of computers in companies’ functioning debunked the old correlation between value and manpower. When Facebook bought Instagram for $1 bil [...]
Week 22 - 01 June 2017
# 152
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