Weekly Magazine - 18 May 2017
# 150

Could Trump fall?

Donald Trump has had a very bad week in Washington. Here’s how he could lose his job.

A second third way?

This week Britain’s parties unveiled what they would do if they win a snap election on June 8, though in reality another Conservative victory is the only conceivable result. Voters have not been presented with such a stark ideological choice since 1983, when Michael Foot’s Labour lost in a landslide to Margaret Thatcher’s Tories on a hard-left manifesto dubbed the longest suicide note in history, setting in motion the long process of moderation that eventually produced Tony Blair’s New Labour government in 1997.

What does Donald Trump teach us about the state of America today?

His supporters see him as an anti establishment straight shooter that will [...]
Week 20 - 18 May 2017
# 150
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