Weekly Magazine - 11 May 2017
# 149

The Trudeau conundrum

Is Canada’s progressive Prince Charming all talk and no action?

Reconciliation or impunity?

Gulbuddin Hekmatyar’s return to the city he had mercilessly bombed two decades ago stirred tensions in Afghanistan’s capital. After riding into the city in a convoy with hundreds of armed men, Mr. Hekmatyar, by some called the ‘butcher of Kabul’, pleaded for peace. Several months earlier, his group had signed a peace deal with the Afghan government.

Should the former colonial powers pay reparations to nations they once subjugated?

The colonial era saw Europe’s share of the world’s GDP jump from 20% to 60%, leading many to point out that Europe didn’t develop the colonies - rather, the land, resources, and labour of the colonies developed Europe. Anthropologist Jason Hickel, writing in the Guardian, notes India commanded 27% of the world’s economy prior to British colonisation: when the colonialists left in 1947, it only represented 3%. Historian Mike Davis des [...]
Week 19 - 11 May 2017
# 149
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