Weekly Magazine - 27 April 2017
# 147

The battle for France

Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen fight for the French presidency.

A European election

When French voters went to the polls in the first round of the presidential election, policy-makers and observers across Europe held their breath. Would France witness an establishment comeback or would the two candidates on the left and right ‘fringe’ make it to the second round? In the end, it was a mix of both. Marine Le Pen, the far-right candidate of the Front National, and Emmanuel Macron, a former Socialist Minister who went on to found his own movement, prevailed.

Should extremists be banned from public discussion platforms?

Calls to no-platform controversial figures have come to the fore in recent years, as the world experiences a rising tide of populism, theocratisation, and alt-right movements. Though many claim that refusing to host extremist speakers jeopardises freedom of speech, some media outlets, university unions, and debating organisations stand by their bans, especially with regard to Islamists who are often tied to anti-Semitism. Those in favour of [...]
Week 17 - 27 April 2017
# 147
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