Weekly Magazine - 13 April 2017
# 145

Trump strikes Syria

Is this the beginning of a new phase in the Syrian Civil War?

A presidential bombing?

While the pair enjoyed “the most beautiful piece of chocolate cake you have ever seen”, Donald Trump boasted to his dinner guest, Chinese President Xi Jinping, that cruise missiles had been launched at a Syrian air base.

How should the media cover terror attacks?

When Khalid Masood drove at high-speed through a crowd and then ran towards Parliament wielding two knives last month, killing five people and injuring around 50 others, it was a shocking and gruesome attack on the seat of British democracy. But some observers, such as the journalist Simon Jenkins, argued that it should not have received wall-to-wall media coverage, not least because at that stage little was known about the motive. Similarly [...]
Week 15 - 13 April 2017
# 145
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