Weekly Magazine - 06 April 2017
# 144

A new world order

Vladimir Putin has restored Russia as a superpower but does he have an even grander plan?

Hello London, hello world

It has been another whirlwind of a week around the world, as the EU took a hard stance on Brexit, protesters in Paraguay set fire to Parliament, China got serious on the ivory trade, and revelations shone new light on Moscow’s ties to the Trump administration, without of course forgetting the tragic bombing on the St. Petersburg underground as well as the latest reported chemical weapons attack in Syria.

Is RT Kremlin propaganda, or an alternative to the mainstream media?

When RT announced last week its UK bank accounts were being closed by NatWest, calling the move an attack on free speech, it once again brought to the fore the debate over the Russian state-funded international broadcaster’s role in the world. Critics charge RT as being a Kremlin propaganda tool, a sharper, more sophisticated instrument in the global information war used to penetrate Western society in a way never possible during the Cold [...]
Week 14 - 06 April 2017
# 144
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