Weekly Magazine - 30 March 2017
# 143

An uncomfortable truth

Society’s ultimate taboo, suicide, is on the rise in many parts of the world.

The starting gun

News dreaded by many, but just as warmly welcomed by others, became official on March 29. The United Kingdom is, if everything goes according to plan, leaving the European Union, more than 44 years after joining its forebear, the European Economic Community.Back then the Sun, currently Britain’s most widely read newspaper, titled “In we go”, while the Daily Mail said “Europe, here we come!”. Almost half a century later, the tables have turned. “As a paper that has railed against EU excesses for so long, helped keep Britain out of the disastrous euro and campaigned fiercely for Leave last year, The Sun is of course delighted,” an editorial said.Nor did the Daily Mail hide its delight: “Cheers to a great British future!” it read on March 30, next to a picture of a gloating Nigel Farage holding a pint of beer while showing off a pair of Union Jack-coloured socks. Much remains unclear about what this “historic moment” will lead to and what variety of Brexit - hard, soft, soggy or chaotic - will take place when midnight strikes on March 29, 2019.Perhaps the main dilemma for the government is the tension between cutting immigration - the reason why many people voted to leave the EU - and maintaining the close trading links that have helped turn Britain from the sick man of Europe into one of the world’s most dynamic economies over the past four decades.A tough task lies ahead for Theresa May. At the end of the two years - an extension is still possible if both sides agree - we are very likely to encounter a different Europe. Manuel Langendorf,Editor-in-Chief, The World Weekly

Should drugs be legalised?

The infamous war on drugs has for decades stirred controversies and violence. And 2016 is no different. Last month, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte asked for an extension for his war on drugs, saying in reference to those involved in the drug trade, “he cannot kill them all”. Since Mr. Duterte took office in May, however, more than 3,000 people have been killed in his crackdown. The violent impact of the ongoing battles against the [...]
Week 13 - 30 March 2017
# 143
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