Balanced news in divided times

In an age of information overload, The World Weekly brings you a weekly briefing on the state of humanity. In one hour, you’ll be up-to-speed on the most significant events, trends and ideas shaping our world, from politics to business to the latest tech breakthroughs.

In divided times, we aim to be hyper-balanced. Our driving principle is that citizens of an interconnected world need to get outside their bubble and understand the events shaping their lives from different perspectives.

No matter what side you are on, we aspire always to bring you the most reliable facts and relevant points of view as well as analysis from some of the world’s leading experts in each field. We try to remain a-national and a-political, and firmly believe that it is not our place to influence your opinions. We are simply here to inform them.

Since our launch four years ago, we have travelled with people smugglers and refugees from the Syrian border to Greece; gone to northern Iraq to witness the human cost of the battle against Islamic State; investigated the worrying trend of rising suicide rates; decrypted the implications of Brexit for everyone involved; and embedded with senior Taliban militants in Pakistan to trace Islamic State’s eastward expansion.

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A truth filter

We are also honoured to have received the support of the Google DNI fund, the French government, Digital Catapult and many more for our ambitious N-Stream project.

This is a call to action for the creation of a super AI aggregator that can filter all of the world’s news media, extract the most reliable information and present it in a way that helps people better understand what is actually going on.

Please visit nstream.org and enter your email to join the programme and find out more about this non-profit, open source initiative.

Get in touch

If you like what we’re doing, have any ideas about how it can be improved, think something should be corrected or would like to pitch a story, please do get in touch at editorial@theworldweekly.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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Our team

Rory O’Grady, Managing and Creative Director

Rory dreamed up The World Weekly as a result of his many travels around the world and the understanding that now more than ever before local issues have international origins and consequences. Four years in, he’s more passionate than ever about impartial, a-national news that gives him an explorer’s buzz even in the office. Email

Manuel Langendorf, Editor-in-Chief

As well as editing the magazine, Manuel covers the Middle East and North Africa. He has followed the Arab Spring from day one and is particularly interested in Arab youth movements. As Editor-in-Chief, he’s naturally king of the ping pong league too.  Email, Twitter

Tyrone Barton, Art Director

Tyrone is one of the most talented young designers in publishing. When he’s not working magic on our covers he’s singing in a psychedelic rock group. Email, Instagram

Alexander Izza, Staff writer

Anna Grace, Staff writer

Giorgos Sideris, Front End Developer

Fotis Tsokos, Back End Developer