Weekly Magazine - 12 January 2017
# 132
Obama's foreign legacy
Were Obama’s dreams realised on the world stage?
The audacity of hope
Barack Obama’s valedictory speech, which mused on the fragile nature of American democracy, was soon drowned out by reports that Russia holds salacious footage of Donald Trump to use as blackmail. The claims are unsubstantiated, but here the gulf between the two men was laid bare. One, a poet and a philosopher who now jokes about youthful love letters in which he quoted Foucault and Fanon; the other, a bully and a boor who once claimed his celebrity status let him grab women “by the pussy”. Mr. Obama leaves the White House without a single personal scandal to his name. Mr. Trump enters buried under them.
Is the UK Labour Party dead?
Britain’s Labour Party boasts more members than any other political party in the EU, and they re-elected Jeremy Corbyn, its socialist leader, with a thumping majority last year. But the broader electorate seems not to share their faith. Indeed, according to a new report by the socialist Fabian Society, which helped found Labour, the party is on course to win fewer than 200 seats at the next election - its worst performance since 1935. Labo [...]
Week 02 - 12 January 2017
# 132
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