Weekly Magazine - 08 December 2016
# 128
Renzi’s self-destruction
He came, he saw, he fell. The referendum that toppled Matteo Renzi.
A twist in the tale
For mainstream Western liberals, whether on the centre-left or the centre-right, the more 2016 has worn on the more it has probably convinced them that the Mayans miscalculated by four years the end of the world. And, from Brexit and Trump to the rise of the Front National in France, it really has been a hammering of much of what they hold dear.
Should animal testing be banned?
Humans have long experimented on animals to test new medications and cosmetic products. Given the level of suffering inflicted on animals in the process, there is little doubt that such experimentation is inhumane. As such, outlawing the testing of cosmetics on animals would seem to most an uncontroversial position. The EU has already done just that. But what about when it comes to life saving drugs? Is animal suffering the price that must b [...]
Week 49 - 08 December 2016
# 128
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