Weekly Magazine - 01 December 2016
# 127
Park vs the people
South Korea’s president is clinging to power by a thread. Why have the people turned against Park Geun-hye?
Hasta siempre
Even before Fidel Castro joined his fallen comrades in the little red book of history, Cuba was a country on the cusp of great change. It is possible the detente with the US achieved under President Obama may swiftly be undone by the incoming Trump administration, but the island nation is slowly but surely opening up to capitalism, and all the complications that come with it. 
Hero or villain: How should Fidel Castro be remembered?
Over 600 assassination attempts could not topple him, but old age was one foe he could not defeat. “Soon I’ll be like all the others,” Fidel Castro poignantly proclaimed in April and indeed before the year was out the enduring leader of the Cuban revolution joined his fallen comrades in the annals of history. But how should the history books remember Castro? As the liberator whose handful of ragtag rebels on a rickety boat went on to t [...]
Week 48 - 01 December 2016
# 127
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