Weekly Magazine - 16 February 2017
# 137

Racist Latin America?

In one of the most diverse regions in the world, with a long history of immigration, race and ethnicity still determine your chances in life.

The 'other'

For any observer of conflicts around the world, the pattern is a familiar one: neighbours who previously shared meals and evenings together become sworn enemies in a matter of weeks. They become - or rather are constructed as - the ultimate ‘other’, an outsider who does not deserve to be treated in the same way as immediate kin. The consequences can be deadly, as the siege of Sarajevo and the Rwandan genocide demonstrated, albeit in different circumstances.

Should the former colonial powers pay reparations to nations they once subjugated?

The colonial era saw Europe’s share of the world’s GDP jump from 20% to 60%, leading many to point out that Europe didn’t develop the colonies - rather, the land, resources, and labour of the colonies developed Europe. Anthropologist Jason Hickel, writing in the Guardian, notes India commanded 27% of the world’s economy prior to British colonisation: when the colonialists left in 1947, it only represented 3%. Historian Mike Davis des [...]
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